Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The rest of July

A big part of July was prepping for girls camp and going to girls camp. I love getting to work with these girls and leaders!


Connor would look pretty hard core if it weren't for the princess cereal box he's holding. 

Cute hairstyle!

Day two of the same hairstyle. I left the braid and made two buns instead of one.

Starting to work on Claire's star wars birthday party. 

The finished product. 

Handsome dude!

My cousin needed donut cookies for a party she was doing, so we did a practice run. They turned out yummy!

Playing with cousins in a fort. 


Bubble mustache.

Connor really enjoying a cupcake haha.

Science experiment

Snuggling with Dad

Looking in the gift shop at the aquarium.

Richie worked on a big project at work in July. He made software that would show analytics for the basketball arcade games. They were used at a conference and then had a permanent home at the break room at Adobe. He made the stuff on the TV screens. 

Claire was invited to the cutest tea party. We took some cookies to share.

Horsey rides!

Sunday best

Mommy and Claire!

Listening to Richie play music while waiting for church. 

Claire got a hold of my phone haha.

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