Friday, April 27, 2018

The rest of March

Connor looks like a stud when he wears sunglasses.

Parent observation day at dance. Claire is already a tall girl, but when she stands on her toes, she really towers over kids her age haha.

Hello Kitty Connor

Watching Star Wars together

Rock em sock em wars!

Playing video games with Dad.

Connor tried to skip his nap...

...but konked out after a couple minutes of snuggling on mom.

Reading books to himself.

Taking a "nap" in her doll's crib.

Piggy back rides!

Claire playing with a train.

Connor has always been very particular about how we lay out his owls and blankets for bed.

Playing in the water outside. 

Snuggling with mom.

Waiting to see Connor's doctor. 

Babysitting my chunky niece :)

Using the rug as a blanket.

Connor playing with his lego plane.

Tried to take a selfie of all of us. Connor blocked my face at the last second haha.

The most comfortable position to watch tablet.

He's so sweet when he's resting.

Cute Moana

Playing with eggs at our friend's house.

Makeup at a friend's house.

Someone needs a haircut!

Cutest kiddos!

Horsey rides 

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