Saturday, January 6, 2018

The rest of February

Claire helping to build Connor's Lego set.

Young women's new beehive bags.

The YW (and leaders) get a sign for their birthday!

Meeting friends at Arctic Circle.

Connor playing with his new planes from Papa. 

Jamba juice date with the kiddos.

Connor loves helping me on my errands.

Connor's so cute. He can even make nose picking look good!

Claire's new "blanks"

Taking a pretend nap under the rug.

Play doh with Connor

Date night!

Sunday best

Finger painting with Connor.

Princess Leia buns and a popsicle. What more do you need?

I walked to the sink and Connor quickly stole my drink.

He thinks he's so funny haha.

We did an escape room with the Preece family. It was so much fun!

Swinging at the park.

Cat boy!

Claire playing with toys after Connor's birthday party.

Claire getting her preschool Valentines ready.

Playing at the park.

Munching raspberries together.

Snuggling in Mom and Dad's bed.

Waiting at the Dr.'s office.

I think this was my birthday dinner at Texas roadhouse.

Sibling snuggles.

Date night.

Sunday Best.

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