Thursday, July 20, 2017

Playing in the snow!

It felt like we played in the snow every single day this past winter! We had a very snowy couple of months. We normally went out during Connor's nap time because he would only last 2 or 3 minutes in the snow haha.

We also made a trip down to the ice castles. The kids loved it!


We took the kids to go see Moana. Connor couldn't have been happier to watch a movie and eat treats!

Claire was also a fan of the treats and movie. :)

The kids were given a New Zealand Bedtime Stories book from a family friend. The story about Maui was in the book, so the kids were really excited to hear another story about Maui!

And the whole Moana sound track has been on repeat at our house ever since. ;)

Christmas Dance Recital

Claire did great at the Christmas dance recital! Their dance was "Little Saint Nick" by the Beach Boys. 

She loves getting all dressed up and "fancy."

Connor loves watching the recitals. He stays entertained on Nana and Papa's laps the whole time.

Claire goes to the same studio as some of her best friends, so we had to snag a picture.

Miss Cheryl has been Claire's dance teacher for a couple years.

After the recital, we took the kids to get some ice cream!

Claire went to bed that night and still looked like a complete princess. :)

And she got a pretty hair style the next day too.