Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Goofy Kids!

Connor demanded that I take a picture of him wearing his slippers before I get him down from breakfast.

Connor squeezed his apple juice box until in exploded. He thought it was hilarious.

Connor got into the hair gel and "helped" me do his hair. He was really sticky for a while! haha

The kids gave each other rides in the big tupperware while mom cooked.

Connor could actually push Claire around. I was impressed!

Claire was sitting on the ground and Connor thought she wanted to give him a horsey ride.

Playing in the basement with cousin!

They each picked out a vehicle to drive around.

The kids love playing "Rainbow Hose" in the backyard. They try to run under the water without getting wet.

Connor using a miniature garbage can as a hat.

Falling off the couch on purpose!

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