Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Rest of November

In November, Connor started self entertaining for small stretches at a time. He was happy for about ten minutes at a time as long as he had Claire and legos right next to him.

We play with legos A LOT in this house!

Connor doesn't eat much. So when he asked if he could eat pomegranates on my white bed, I let him. haha

I tried out curlers on Claire's hair to see if they would work for her dance recital in December.

It turned out really cute!

Connor loves PJ Masks!

Claire and I got matching skirts. They're so cute!

Claire and Connor each got a book with a matching stuffed animal and Pajamas from Nana and Papa Preece. They love them!

Sunday best. These kids are cute!

After Thanksgiving, we decorated the Christmas trees. The kids got to do the little one all by themselves!

Goofy Kids!

Connor demanded that I take a picture of him wearing his slippers before I get him down from breakfast.

Connor squeezed his apple juice box until in exploded. He thought it was hilarious.

Connor got into the hair gel and "helped" me do his hair. He was really sticky for a while! haha

The kids gave each other rides in the big tupperware while mom cooked.

Connor could actually push Claire around. I was impressed!

Claire was sitting on the ground and Connor thought she wanted to give him a horsey ride.

Playing in the basement with cousin!

They each picked out a vehicle to drive around.

The kids love playing "Rainbow Hose" in the backyard. They try to run under the water without getting wet.

Connor using a miniature garbage can as a hat.

Falling off the couch on purpose!

Out and About

Parent observation day is my favorite! I love getting to see how Claire is improving in class. She's even getting better with her stretches. 

Ice cream from Hatch Family Chocolates (our favorite place downtown!)

Connor had a week where he had to take his hat and gloves everywhere. He called them his mawn-ker gwoves (monster gloves)

Courtesy cones from Arctic Circle!

Getting ready to drop Claire off at preschool.

Date night! I don't remember where we were going.. haha

Snuggle Time!

I love when the kids read together!

Connor was grouchy one morning, so he grabbed a blanket, an owl, and snuggled himself on the couch.

He also snuggled himself on the counter during breakfast. He must have had a rough night!

Connor gave me a kiss...

Then Claire gave me a kiss...

Then the kiddos gave each other a kiss. It was probably the sweetest 10 seconds of my day! <3

Watching tablet together in Mom and Dad's bed.

Snuggling on Dad's lap!

Giving some morning snuggles to wake Daddy up!

Claire reading to Connor.

Connor didn't feel good, so Richie snuggled him during the night.

Snuggles with Mom!