Thursday, March 9, 2017

Field Trips

The kids love going to the arcade at the mall. One of their favorite parts is eating their prizes afterward. ;)

The kids ask for a smoothie anytime we drive close to Jamba haha.

Dinosaur museum!

Aren't they the cutest dental patients you've seen? 

Connor reading his magazine at the pharmacy. 

Puppet show at the Curiosity Museum.

Story time at the museum. We lucked out this day and only had a couple kids there! Normally it's packed with too many kids haha.

Claire put on a show for me and Connor.

Claire gets jealous of me getting my nails done. So I've taken her a couple times to get her toes painted at our local salon.

Connor gets a sucker and a tablet when we go to the salon haha.

Selfie at the aquarium. :)

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