Thursday, March 9, 2017

Claire: VIP

Claire was VIP back in October. It was hard to go through and only pick a couple pictures to print out for her poster. 

She chose to share soccer, t-ball, knee boarding, horse back riding, broken leg, dance, and her little jeep. I chose to put a family picture and a head shot of her on there. She was most excited to share her broken leg picture. 

She was so excited leading up to her VIP week. You could tell she felt so special. When you're the VIP, you get a special crown. 

Claire treasured that crown for weeks afterward. :)

Around the Home

Wearing Daddy's shoes <3

Connor was tired, so he laid himself on the couch for a little rest. So sweet. :)

Claire reading Connor some books.

In the mornings I gather up a pile of toys from the basement and let the kids play with them while I try to get ready for the day.

Playing in the basement.

I created an "obstacle course" for the kids. They loved running around the cones and under the chairs.

Playing with Play doh. They're both so concentrated haha.

Same pose! They must be siblings :)

If I remember right, Claire just walked up to me and asked If I would take a picture. <3

Snuggling on the couch!

Claire gives Connor a kiss every morning before preschool. 

He obviously loves getting the kisses. <3

Connor stole my breakfast one day. He doesn't have a big appetite, so if he ever steals my food, I generally just let him have it haha. At least he's getting food in his belly, right? 

Sometimes one binky doesn't cut it.

Richie snuggling with Madelyn at my brother's house.

There was a face painter at a restaurant one night, So Claire got a rainbow.

Believe it or not, I've yet to have a smoothie thrown on the floor of my car. Connor is so independent and has never really let people feed him food (or hold his drinks/smoothies).

Real-life snap chat. Also known as stickers. Connor thought this was sooo funny!

Remember how I mentioned Connor won't let us help him eat? He makes quite the mess when we have chili for dinner.

Claire is the perfect hair model. She has thick hair, a straight hair line, and she holds perfectly still!

Claire wanted me to wear her slippers. "Mom! Those fit you perfect!"

Selfie to send to Daddy. :)

Claire asked to practice writing names. She did great!

I love snuggling with this sweet little boy. <3

Sneaking whipping cream from the pie...

Playing in Connor's room.

Connor always tries to color on stuff, so we decided to give in haha.

Wearing mom's heels.

This photo perfectly sums up our children. Connor bravely playing with a sparkler, and Claire taking lots of convincing before she'll even try haha. Connor is a little wreckless and Claire is very cautious!

I was looking at my phone while going to the bathroom, and Connor was just standing in front of me saying "CHEESE." So I finally just took a picture haha.

Napping in the car.

Playing in the jumparoo!

Snuggling with dad and watching a show.

Claire will frequently jump into Connor's crib when he wakes up in the morning. I love when they snuggle together.

Snuggling in Claire's bed. 

Decorating caramel apples with friends.

We went to our friend's birthday party, and they had a mini farm come to their back yard! Connor loved petting the animals. He's a true animal lover.

There was also a bracelet making station. Claire loves making jewelry, and I was impressed with Connor's ability to put beads on a string.

Connor thought the cake was pretty great!

Halloween: Field Trips

I LOVE Fall because there's so many fun family activities to do. One that we did was the pumpkin train down in Heber. You got to take a short ride on the train, eat a pumpkin cookie, and pick out a pumpkin when you left!

Connor loved the train! He was so excited the entire time! (Even more so than Claire.) It was fun to get to do an activity that he liked, because normally he just has to tag along with the rest of us and not get to do what he wants to do haha. 

Claire liked the train okay, but kept asking if there were going to be any games haha.

Claire was pretty happy when they brought the cookie. :)

Another activity we did was at Gardner Village. We met our friends there and the kids played for hours! There was a maze, slides, a corn pit, etc. 

Claire was so exhausted that she fell asleep on the way home!

We also met a different set of friends at Cornbelly's. It was the first time we had been there since Claire broke her leg. I'm proud to report that we had no serious injuries! :)

We started at the bounce castles. Connor only played on the entrance. He thought it was an awesome slide and didn't even bother crawling into the bounce castle haha.

The kids dressed up and danced on stage.
 We went through a corn maze, did a "train" ride, and played in the play ground. It was a fun night!