Thursday, February 23, 2017


Claire did her first season of Soccer in Fall 2016. She was on the same team as her cousin, Brynn. They were so fun to watch! They generally ran around together haha. Anytime Claire chased the ball, she'd keep a 5 foot radius from it. She was a little too nervous about the concept of "stealing" the ball from someone else.

Connor's favorite part of the games was trying to run on the field.

Soccer jerseys!

I tried to take a picture of Connor, and got flashed instead.

Claire was one of the taller kids on the team.

Connor thought that the most comfortable place to sit would be on Gavin.

We'd encourage Claire to kick the ball by telling her we'd get a treat afterward. She would chase the ball, kick it once, and immediately turn to us to make sure we saw her kick the ball. She would always be so proud of herself. :)

Smoothies were another favorite during the soccer season.

Connor loved his mini camping chair.

It was a fun season!

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