Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lake Powell: Cliff Jumping

I was terrible at taking pictures this trip! I forgot to take pictures of the kids playing in the areas around the cabin, and I didn't get any pictures of the adults water skiing. (oops!) Most of my pictures are from the afternoon that we went cliff jumping. And when I say cliff jumping, I really mean that we helped the kids gracefully glide into the water from a two foot ledge. ;)

Claire and Lily exploring the "cliffs"

We would help the kids get to the edge, and then an adult was waiting to catch them in the water.

Claire waiting with Uncle Landon.

Claire jumping in the water.

I love her face after she jumps in the water! It's another time where you can tell she was so proud of herself!

Around the corner from the cliffs was a little inlet where the kids swam for a while.

There was also some slanted rock, so the kids used it like a water slide, and that was a big hit!

After the kids were done, the boys took their turn with a couple jumps from the higher rocks.

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