Thursday, February 23, 2017

Family Outings

These kids love smoothies! And they love the little toy table at Jamba.

"Riding the sheep" at the farm.

Feeding the goats!

Field trip to the aquarium!

Green lips from ice cream!

When we'd eat at Dickies, we would generally get a plastic sauce cup for Connor's ice cream. I think this was the first time he got a cone all to himself and he was SO possessive of it haha.

I was gone one evening, so Richie took the kids out to dinner alone. I got these pictures. :)

The kids love Wingers. Not because of the food, but because they know they get popcorn before dinner haha.

We have to pick up Connor's medicine from the hospital. He always walks in, sits in the same chair and grabs a magazine. The pharmacist always gushes over how cute he is. :)

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