Thursday, February 23, 2017

Around the Home

The kids "helping" Richie work.

We call this "hop on pop" :)

Sometimes it's really hard to wake up from nap.

Movie and milk time!

Doing a little halloween craft.

Claire painted my nails for me. She did a great job!

Playing peek-a-boo at breakfast.

I gave Connor some playdoh to play with, and then came back later. He cleaned up everything by himself. I was so impressed!

Claire wearing her new shirt from Papa Gwilliam

Dinner time!

Watching football with Daddy.

The kids "played video games" for a while together. The game was on the home screen the whole time haha.

Claire singing Connor's evening lullaby to him.

Sneaking batter out of the bowl.

Playing in their floaties even when we're not going to the pool.

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