Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Rest of Lake Powell

We were always a funny sight to behold when we walked places, because there's always lots of little kids running around.

Waiting for a table at the restaurant.

Richie did night photography with Tyler one evening. He makes head lamps look good. :)

Connor playing hide-n-seek with the cupboards!

Baby Madelyn took a little nap on Uncle Richie.

We made all the cousins Adventure Kits for playing outside. They were a hit! They had a sword, binoculars, a magnifying glass, shovels, and a pirate hook. They explored all around the cabins and played "Jake and the Neverland Pirates"

This is the only picture I took of the kids playing outside. I think Claire was pretending to be Izzy at this point.

Connor wasn't a huge fan of the car at this point, so we wondered how the car ride was going to go. He screamed for the first half of the ride, and then fell asleep.

Once we stopped for lunch, we turned his car seat around. It made all the difference!

We got a couple new toys for the car ride, and this one was the favorite! We had to set a timer and switch back and forth with the toy haha.

We were sure to pack Connor's blankets and Mr. Owls in the car. He can't sleep without them!

Cutest kids ever. <3

We collected seashells on the beach at Lake Powell and then Richie turned them into necklaces once we got home.

The girls loved them! I think this might be a new tradition.

Lake Powell is one of my favorite childhood memories, so I love getting to share it with my kids too. Claire asks frequently if it's warm enough for us to go to Lake Powell, and she tells us all the time how much she loves it. Thanks to our family for such a fun trip! :)

Lake Powell: Cliff Jumping

I was terrible at taking pictures this trip! I forgot to take pictures of the kids playing in the areas around the cabin, and I didn't get any pictures of the adults water skiing. (oops!) Most of my pictures are from the afternoon that we went cliff jumping. And when I say cliff jumping, I really mean that we helped the kids gracefully glide into the water from a two foot ledge. ;)

Claire and Lily exploring the "cliffs"

We would help the kids get to the edge, and then an adult was waiting to catch them in the water.

Claire waiting with Uncle Landon.

Claire jumping in the water.

I love her face after she jumps in the water! It's another time where you can tell she was so proud of herself!

Around the corner from the cliffs was a little inlet where the kids swam for a while.

There was also some slanted rock, so the kids used it like a water slide, and that was a big hit!

After the kids were done, the boys took their turn with a couple jumps from the higher rocks.

Lake Powell: In the Water

When the kids weren't on the beach, they were taking turns with the knee board.




To get Claire started on the knee board, Papa pulled her around (by hand) in the shallow water to get her used to it. Then Daddy helped her get situated behind the boat and dragged behind the knee board while she rode on it. It was fun to see how proud she was of herself for being so brave!

Papa on his boat.

Lake Powell: The Beach

The kids always love spending hours on the beach. They alternate between swimming, playing in the sand, hiking and fishing.

Mermaid tails.

Connor's favorite part was the sand.

On a hike with Daddy!

Snack time was always interesting with an 18 month old. We always put him in the chair to eat, but I think he always managed to sneak a little sand into his mouth too. ;)

On a hike with Mom. Claire's poses kill me. :)

Uncle Richie helped the cousins do a little fishing. He kept catching these baby fish, but the kids didn't mind.