Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Truth Tuesday

Sometimes you try to get a picture of some rare snuggles...

...and get slapped instead.

  • Richie walked in the door from work and I told him I was hungry. Claire yelled from her room, "No you're not! You're just bored!"
  • I got Claire a couple cheap toys from the dollar store. She was opening one of them up and said, "It came with three rubber ducks? You can't beat that!"
  • Conversation with Claire:
    • Claire: "Mom, have we reached our destination?"
    • Me: "Yep! Just got here."
    • Claire "Okay. What's destination?"
  • I was doing my makeup and Claire walked in when I had filled in one eyebrow. She asked, "Mom, why do you have one Ursula eyebrow?"
  • I stole my kid's animal crackers today.

Anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

  • Connor loves climbing on our table and tearing apart a fake plant that we have. One day he started climbing up the chair and I told him I would bust his chops if he touched the plant. (Don't ask why I said that--it's a phrase my family uses.) A couple minutes later, Connor comes running up to me with a branch from the plant, smirks, and says, "CHOPS!" and then runs away. 
  • We recently went bowling with the kids. After we finished our game, we explained the score to Claire and told her that she got a higher score than us. She furrowed her brows together, looked at us sideways and said, "Uhhh.. Of course I did beat you." 
  • Claire suggested to me that I should put strawberries on my cereal. I told her I was going to slice bananas instead. Her response? "Alright, suit yourself!"
  • Connor likes to think he's a parent sometimes. Today he grabbed a tissue, walked up to Claire, placed it on her nose, waited for her to blow, then said, "thank you!"
  • Claire also likes to think she's a parent. The other day we were eating dinner and out of the blue she turned to Connor and said, "Connor, all that food on your plate is a balanced meal to make your poops soft and not hurt." Then Connor just kept repeating "pooh pooh" over and over again.
  • Conversation with Claire:
    • Claire: "Why don't Nana and Nana have more babies growing in their bellies?"
    • Me: "Because once you're over forty, you can't grow babies anymore."
    • Claire: "I'M NOT FORTY, AM I?!"
  • Today I wiped Connor's nose and then he screamed "BOOGER BACK" for twenty minutes until I distracted him with a new booger I pulled from his nose.
  • We stayed in a hotel a couple weeks ago. Or as Claire would call it, a "ho and tell."
Happy Tuesday everybody!

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