Monday, January 16, 2017

The Rest of August

I finally got a china cabinet. My salt and pepper collection and all my trinkets were stored away in a box for far too long.

Cute kids!

Sometimes your sister-in-law has a baby, your cousin has surgery, and the girl you visit teach has a baby. So your husband cooks a quadruple batch of dinner to deliver to everyone. I really lucked out with marrying Richie <3

I discovered that you can tye-dye clothing just by watering down acrylic paints. Claire got to tye-dye her own shirt and loved. 

Richie trying out his new scope.

Cutest boy!

Cutest kids!

Watching Daddy work.

I only went up to girl's camp for one day (because of Connor's hospitalization). And this is really the only picture I have of Girl's camp. I wanted to post it so that I would be sure to not forget the fun day I had with these girls!

Snack time!

Connor folding his arms for a prayer.

Mom wearing Dad's hat.

Me and Claire got matching leggings. I asked her to take some pictures with me. She asked if she could choose the poses. haha

Hopefully she'll never outgrow being okay matching with Mom!

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