Monday, January 9, 2017


Claire did t-ball in the Spring. She had so much fun! She was the most attentive player there. When the other kids were talking with each other or running around, she was staring at her coach, waiting for instructions on what to do next! (We even had to remind her every game that she could talk with her team mates and have fun!)

Connor loved watching the games. We learned the hard way that we had to bring him his own ball so he wouldn't try to run on the field and steal the t-ball!

Claire was always concentrated on the game. I took this picture after two boys pushed each other and fought over who got to sit next to her. She didn't even notice haha.

After a week or two of seeing Claire always wear her baseball cap, Connor started wanting one too. It started a phase for him where he wouldn't leave the house without a hat!

At the end of the season, Claire got a certificate and a trophy! Way to go Claire!

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