Monday, January 16, 2017

Playing with Friends

Sometimes the best spot for a craft is sitting on the table. 

Claire and her cousins waiting their turn at the farm.

Riding a horse with cousins.

Connor driving a car with a friend.

Me and my friend took our kids out for an ice cream trip, and the girls had a spontaneous dance party at Cold Stone haha.

We LOVED the splash pad last Summer. Here's Connor posing with his cousin.

Uncle Matt brought his drone for us to play with.

Uncle Mike helped Claire play some ping pong.

Smoothie run with friends.

We went to the Curiosity Museum with Jenn and her girls. Claire and Paisley figured out how to do a teeter totter without adult help!

The kids played outside for a long time.

So we went to water works to cool off a bit.

Connor was still in his phase of lifting up his shirt for the camera. We're glad he got over that phase haha ;)

Playing in the vet's office.

And the washer/dryer room.

We love playing with friends!

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