Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hats and Hair

After baseball, the kids became obsessed with hats. They'd wear them around the house and Connor wouldn't leave the house without a hat for a period of time.

Connor wearing Claire's hat.

Wearing Claire's hat again.

Wearing Dad's hat.

Connor is probably jealous of Claire's hat in this picture. ;)

I remember that this was such a fun day for Connor (and for me). He was just getting to the age where he'd play with other kids. He played with Claire outside in the kiddie pool, and then they came inside and immediately started playing with Legos. This was a day where I got a glimpse of what sweet siblings they'd be.

Claire found a hat for me to wear and thought it was hilarious.

Any time I try to do Claire's hair, Connor throws himself on my lap. Good thing he's so cute!

Claire asked to color her hair pink. We compromised with just spraying temporary spray on the ends.

She loved it! She told people for a long time that she had pink hair (even after it washed out! haha)

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