Monday, January 16, 2017

Family Outings

We were shopping at Traverse Mountain and Claire asked if she could push the stroller. She thought I was awesome when I "allowed" her to push the stroller for me.

Headed out to eat lunch as a family.

Connor's always a disaster after eating Cafe Rio haha.

Our kids looove smoothies. Or as Connor would call them, "moothy"

A trip to the aquarium.

Our kids love Wingers. Or they just love eating a basket of popcorn before dinner.

Basking Robbins run!

After Connor was diagnosed with epilepsy, I would constantly be asking Claire if Connor looked okay. So we finally just got a mirror so we could see him haha.

Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.

Doctor's office with Connor.

Different doctor's office.

The obligatory orca picture at the Aquarium.

Our niece was born in August, so we went to the hospital to go meet her.

Trying on a "Dark Vader" mask. (That's what Claire was for Halloween.)

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