Sunday, January 15, 2017

Before and After the Hospital

The week leading up to Connor being put in the hospital was tough. Claire got a stomach bug, so we were stuck in the house for a while.

The kids took countless baths that week.

After a couple days, Claire felt better so we were able to leave the house a little. 

Then Connor got sick. He had a really hard time sleeping (which is likely what triggered the seizures).

Claire had already been cooped up in the house, so Richie took her for a daddy/daughter date to the dinosaur museum.

Richie and Claire getting to spend the day together was a blessing in disguise. Because once the whole ordeal with Connor started, Claire spent the next while staying with family. It was nice to know that she got some quality time with Dad before she was neglected by us for a couple days.

The picture was taken the morning before Connor had his first seizure. Connor had thrown up a couple days previous. When he woke up that morning, he was happy and played on our bed for a little while. I took this picture thinking it was so nice to have my sweet boy back. A couple hours after this picture was taken, Connor was taken to the hospital.

For an account of our hospital stay, go here.

While in the ER at Primary Children's, they let us know that we'd be there for a while and would likely be admitted. My Dad drove to the hospital and took Claire to his house for the afternoon.

Then my Dad drove Claire to Tyler and Amy's house so she could sleep there for the night. She was so excited to get to have a sleep over.

After we got home from the hospital, Connor was still half-sedated, his new medication was making him dizzy, and his seizures were giving him what we were told is the equivalent of a "hangover." 

Connor had friends and family come over to visit, and everyone brought him (and Claire) gifts.

The next couple days were spent holding Connor (he couldn't walk straight for a while), snuggling Connor, and trying to get medical adhesive off of him. 

The next while was also spent with sleepless nights for Richie and me. My Mom had a video monitor waiting for us when we got home so we could keep an eye on Connor during the night. Every little sound he made would make us both jump. 

Along with dizziness, Connor's medication also caused some anger issues. I sent Richie pictures of bitemarks every day for a couple weeks. After that, Connor adjusted to the medication and had no more side effects.

We had lots of people bring us dinner. One of Connor's favorites was a pizza. He sat there and pointed at it and asked for a bite over and over. <3

A few days after we got home Connor was still high-maintenance to take care of, so Nana and Papa Preece picked Claire up and took her to Kaysville for a sleepover.

They woke up and had breakfast.

Got ready for the day.

And had a fun day at Cherry Hill! 

By the time Claire got home, Connor was feeling back to himself and we slowly got back to our normal routine.

A couple weeks later Connor had his MRI done (read about that here.) A while after that, we met with his neurologist. She explained the results of the EEG and MRI. The EEG didn't catch any seizures, but it did catch abnormal brain wave activity that told the doctors that Connor had epilepsy. This is what we expected, so it didn't come as a shock. Connor's medication has completely controlled the seizures up to this point, so hopefully it stays that way!

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