Sunday, January 15, 2017

Around the Home

Watching tablet and eating granola. Also, duckface.

Connor loved playing in the sink for a while.

He thought it was hilarious to drink out of the faucet.

Playing in the toy room.

Claire was snuggling with Richie and then Richie fell asleep. Claire spent five minutes wiggling her way out of Richie's arms (and managed not to wake him! haha)

When we get home from an errand, Connor hops out of the car and runs to the little jeep. It's convenient because he'll just sit there while I put away groceries or clean garbage/toys out of the car.

Reading a book in his miniature rocking chair.

Wearing Daddy's headphones.

Claire calls this a "chip smile"

Sunday Best <3

Snack time!

Connor isn't the best eater, so we normally have to find something fun to get him to eat.

Sticking your finger in the middle of a raspberry does the trick! Connor thinks it's so funny. :)

Connor loves playing with water. So anytime I'm going to the bathroom, he knows he can climb up to the sink and splash in the water, and I won't be able to stop him for a couple minutes.

This particular time, he got stuck and was mad. He had to wait until I was finished going to the bathroom before I could save him! haha

Claire wearing a crown from Nana and Papa Preece.

Connor sitting on Daddy. 

These two kids both LOVE legos.

Helping Dad play guitar.

Snuggling with Claire during Connor's naptime.

Sibling kisses. <3

Reading with Daddy

I left a container of wipes within an arm's reach of a one year old...and got exactly what you would expect.

Connor trying to give me chocolate kisses.

Every day is a good hair day for Claire.

Claire found this holy bible at the dollar store and asked if she could have it. Now she'll open it up and read me "scriptures" out of it. I learn lots of "new" things that I didn't know where in the bible ;)

Elder Preece <3

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