Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Around the Home

We love doing field trips and playing outside, but sometimes it's nice to just be home!

Claire painting her own fingernails.

Claire did her makeup "just like mom"

Playing with Mom.

Sibling kisses <3

Connor was sick one day. Whenever he's sick, I'll send pictures to Richie haha.

Did I do a good impersonation of Connor?

The kids were really grouchy one Saturday and Richie was out cutting the grass. Finally, I stuck them in front of the window and let them watch the lawn mower. It kept them entertained for a good twenty minutes! haha

Snack time!

Post nap hair and snack time!

Doing hair together.

Claire made some monsters out of play doh.

Connor wearing some sunglasses.

Watching TV downstairs.

Claire being adorable.

Connor fell asleep at church. It's pretty rare that Connor will sleep in our arms, so Richie sent a picture to make me jealous. 

We got Connor a little tikes car and he couldn't wait for it to be assembled before trying it out!

Richie trying to make me jealous of the snuggles that he was getting from Connor again.

Lunch time!

Claire fell asleep with her legs sticking out through the slats in her bed. It looks so uncomfortable haha.

Connor being crazy!

I took a picture of Richie's cuts he got from shooting. 

Connor playing with the oven.

Diaper, binky, sunglasses--the essentials.

Connor saw that Claire would have cereal with milk and a spoon, so now he has to do it too.

Snack time!

Connor playing with some makeup.

Connor found his old car seat and took a little break in it. 

We weren't headed to the swimming pool, but Connor wanted to wear floaties around the house anyways. 

Sunday Best. Aren't they the cutest?

And the most goofy!

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