Friday, January 13, 2017

Adobe Shutdown

Richie's work closed for a week for a shutdown during July, so we had some time to get projects done and do some family activities.

One of the top things on our to-do list was to tear out a gravel pit in our yard. I think the people who lived in our house before us used it as a playground area, but it was gross and it needed to go. Richie rented a tractor and a dump trailer and got to work. 

Richie was like a little kid playing with a new toy.

The kids also thought the tractor was a toy. They loved playing on it and sitting in the yard watching Richie work.

Another day we went to the aquarium and let the kids explore. Connor fell asleep on the way there so Richie got some rare snuggles when we first got there.

Claire asks to go in the photo booth every time we go to the aquarium, and I always say no. Since it was a special occasion with Daddy being there, we decided to take some photos. Claire thought it was so fun.

Claire asks for a pictures on the orca every time we go haha.

The next day we went to Cabella's. Claire got to ride the ferris wheel and then the kids did the miniature bowling. Then Claire asked to play the shooting game they have there.

She was a natural. Richie was so proud haha.

The next day we went to South Towne Mall. The kids love playing at the nickel cade there. Claire loves playing the games and Connor loves putting coins in the slots haha. After the arcade we rode the train. 

Connor's at the age that he loves trains, so it's an activity that everyone loves.

The next day we went to Kangaroo Zoo. Both kids started off a little timid, and by the end they were jumping and sliding like crazy.

We also went to the reservoir in Herriman and let the kids play with their cousins.

Claire and Lily loved playing in the sand.

We loved spending the week together!

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