Friday, January 13, 2017

4th of July

After the Reservoir, we drove home and let the kids take a nap. After they woke up, they were ready to have a little celebration with Papa Gwilliam.
Right when they woke up they pulled all the cushions off our couch and jumped around for a while.

We had a barbecue and played games together. Before that, we let the kids throw some snappers and light some sparklers. Connor immediately grabbed the sparkler with no fear. Papa had to hold his hand to keep him safe.

Claire was a little worried about the sparkler at first...

...but then she got used to it and used up the rest of the sparkler box!

We put the kids to bed and then played games together until it got dark. We had a great view of fireworks on our front lawn, so we just watched some firework shows from there. It was a fun night!

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