Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Truth Tuesday

Sometimes you try to get a picture of some rare snuggles...

...and get slapped instead.

  • Richie walked in the door from work and I told him I was hungry. Claire yelled from her room, "No you're not! You're just bored!"
  • I got Claire a couple cheap toys from the dollar store. She was opening one of them up and said, "It came with three rubber ducks? You can't beat that!"
  • Conversation with Claire:
    • Claire: "Mom, have we reached our destination?"
    • Me: "Yep! Just got here."
    • Claire "Okay. What's destination?"
  • I was doing my makeup and Claire walked in when I had filled in one eyebrow. She asked, "Mom, why do you have one Ursula eyebrow?"
  • I stole my kid's animal crackers today.

Anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

  • Connor loves climbing on our table and tearing apart a fake plant that we have. One day he started climbing up the chair and I told him I would bust his chops if he touched the plant. (Don't ask why I said that--it's a phrase my family uses.) A couple minutes later, Connor comes running up to me with a branch from the plant, smirks, and says, "CHOPS!" and then runs away. 
  • We recently went bowling with the kids. After we finished our game, we explained the score to Claire and told her that she got a higher score than us. She furrowed her brows together, looked at us sideways and said, "Uhhh.. Of course I did beat you." 
  • Claire suggested to me that I should put strawberries on my cereal. I told her I was going to slice bananas instead. Her response? "Alright, suit yourself!"
  • Connor likes to think he's a parent sometimes. Today he grabbed a tissue, walked up to Claire, placed it on her nose, waited for her to blow, then said, "thank you!"
  • Claire also likes to think she's a parent. The other day we were eating dinner and out of the blue she turned to Connor and said, "Connor, all that food on your plate is a balanced meal to make your poops soft and not hurt." Then Connor just kept repeating "pooh pooh" over and over again.
  • Conversation with Claire:
    • Claire: "Why don't Nana and Nana have more babies growing in their bellies?"
    • Me: "Because once you're over forty, you can't grow babies anymore."
    • Claire: "I'M NOT FORTY, AM I?!"
  • Today I wiped Connor's nose and then he screamed "BOOGER BACK" for twenty minutes until I distracted him with a new booger I pulled from his nose.
  • We stayed in a hotel a couple weeks ago. Or as Claire would call it, a "ho and tell."
Happy Tuesday everybody!

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Rest of August

I finally got a china cabinet. My salt and pepper collection and all my trinkets were stored away in a box for far too long.

Cute kids!

Sometimes your sister-in-law has a baby, your cousin has surgery, and the girl you visit teach has a baby. So your husband cooks a quadruple batch of dinner to deliver to everyone. I really lucked out with marrying Richie <3

I discovered that you can tye-dye clothing just by watering down acrylic paints. Claire got to tye-dye her own shirt and loved. 

Richie trying out his new scope.

Cutest boy!

Cutest kids!

Watching Daddy work.

I only went up to girl's camp for one day (because of Connor's hospitalization). And this is really the only picture I have of Girl's camp. I wanted to post it so that I would be sure to not forget the fun day I had with these girls!

Snack time!

Connor folding his arms for a prayer.

Mom wearing Dad's hat.

Me and Claire got matching leggings. I asked her to take some pictures with me. She asked if she could choose the poses. haha

Hopefully she'll never outgrow being okay matching with Mom!

Life with Goofy Kids

Kids can get pretty crazy! Sometimes it's hard, but sometimes it's just fun and it helps keep you young!

Connor playing peek a boo in the dryer.

Connor smacked his mouth and made it bled pretty good for a while. 

Connor in the dryer. Again.

Crazy post-nap hair.

Sometimes you just have to run around with a bucket on your head.

Connor playing peek a boo in the kitchen cupboard.

Connor saying "night night" while putting himself in a doll bed.

Connor wearing dress-up high-heels.

Giving a lego mini figure a bath.

I love my crazy kids!

Family Outings

We were shopping at Traverse Mountain and Claire asked if she could push the stroller. She thought I was awesome when I "allowed" her to push the stroller for me.

Headed out to eat lunch as a family.

Connor's always a disaster after eating Cafe Rio haha.

Our kids looove smoothies. Or as Connor would call them, "moothy"

A trip to the aquarium.

Our kids love Wingers. Or they just love eating a basket of popcorn before dinner.

Basking Robbins run!

After Connor was diagnosed with epilepsy, I would constantly be asking Claire if Connor looked okay. So we finally just got a mirror so we could see him haha.

Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point.

Doctor's office with Connor.

Different doctor's office.

The obligatory orca picture at the Aquarium.

Our niece was born in August, so we went to the hospital to go meet her.

Trying on a "Dark Vader" mask. (That's what Claire was for Halloween.)