Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Rest of January

Selfie of Mom and Claire.

The kids love tearing apart the couches and jumping around on them.

Claire got some flash lights with her shine-a-light books, so she took them to bed every night for weeks.

Building some puzzles.

Connor playing with ball pit balls.

Connor piecing together shapes.

When the kids get a bunch of new toys for Christmas, that means Mom gets to relax on the couch!

Connor loves doing his own laundry. Hopefully that never changes!

Cute haircut for Connor! <3

Connor can play with play doh for hours!

Practicing Claire's hair for Valentine's Day.

Someone in Claire's primary taught her to dab..

Connor sometimes plays with Richie's tablet during church. He took a selfie haha.

Date night!

Playing at the arcade at the Mall.

Getting Ready for California!

We were going to Disneyland in February, so in January we prepared. The kids got their Disney jammies and Disney robes early.

We also made matching lego shirts for Legoland.

Claire got to pick out a manicure and she chose to do Beauty and the Beast nails.

Connor got to watch his tablet while he waited for Claire. :)

Sibling Snuggles

Claire and Connor are so sweet to each other. It melts my heart!

Watching TV together.

Claire sneaking a peek at Connor's tablet. I love how they make the same facial expressions.

Snuggling at Daddy's desk.

This is what they do when I use the blender.

Playing "hop on pop"

Claire reading Connor a book.

Playing Jake and the Neverland Pirates together. 
Taking a rest under our rug.

Food time!

Connor looks like a mess after eating pudding. 

I offended Connor by giving him a sucker.

Before Connor ate the sugar cookie:

After Connor ate the sugar cookie:

To say that Connor likes white rice is an understatement.

I've learned that I just shouldn't order myself a milkshake when I go out to eat--otherwise the kids just drink the whole thing. ;)

The Leonardo Museum - Lego Day

Our kids are obsessed with Legos, so when we heard that the Leonardo was doing a lego day, we had to go check it out.

There were other activities there that the kids checked out too.

Escape Room

We went to an escape room with six chicks and our husbands. We sent girls through first, and then we got to watch on camera while the boys went through second.

It was so much fun! The girls almost solved it, and the boys solved it with some time to spare.

Playing in the Snow

It's hard being cooped up in the house all winter, so we try to play in the snow as much as we can!

And sometimes the snow needs to come inside with us. ;)