Saturday, September 17, 2016

Playing at Home

Uncle Matt brought his drone over to our house to play with. Richie loved flying it and he probably wants one now. 

Connor loves being Daddy's helper.

He helped Dad hold this wood still while he was patching a hole in the basement ceiling. 

PJ masks is one of Claire's favorite shows to act out. 

If Connor is missing, you can generally find him in the dryer. 

Chalk is one of those great activities that kids love no matter what age they are!

The only downside is how messy it is! ;)

Claire gets a "glitter kiss" every time she goes to dance. After dance one day, I grabbed her hand to walk across the street and wiped off her glitter kiss. So when we got home, I gave her a bigger, better glitter kiss. This became a new dance tradition for a while. 

Connor is the cutest when he eats food. <3

Waiting for dance class to start. I took a picture of Claire...

...and then she asked if she could pose like this. 

Claire is really sweet and doesn't mind when Connor climbs all over her. 

She even held still when Connor laid on her bum for a couple minutes for a rest. haha!

Matching hair selfie. 

Connor found Claire's hide and seek spot pretty quickly. 

I made sugar cookies for a baby shower, and my arm started burning from frosting so many. Richie took over for me. He's so domestic. <3

Selfie with my cute little guy! <3

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