Saturday, September 17, 2016

Easter Celebrations!

Easter is so fun because there's so many different family activities we get to do!

We did an Easter egg hunt with Claire's friends. 

Checking out the inside of the eggs. 

A couple days before Easter, we dyed some eggs. 

Claire belongs on the price is right. She has some pretty cute poses. 

We also did an Easter egg hunt at Papa's house. 

Claire loves rushing around, looking for the eggs!

Papa held Connor. And Gavin and Griffin collected some eggs for Connor so he wouldn't feel left out. 

Nana and Papa gave all the kids an Easter gift. 

For Easter dinner we went to Nicki's house. 

The kids all decorated Easter eggs. And me and Jess decorated a little too. :)

Richie played with his brother's hover board. 

The kids did an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Claire loved it, of course!

We love Easter time!

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