Sunday, September 18, 2016

Boy's Trip

Richie went on a photography trip with my Dad and brothers. They went to Paige, Arizona and took some beautiful photos! Here are a couple of my favorite ones that Richie took:

They sent us pictures through out the weekend. 

I just about died when my Dad sent me this photo. I immediately sent Richie a text telling him to be ridiculously careful!

The boys all had a fun trip!

The Rest of April

We recorded our own CD for my Dad for Father's day. This was our recording studio. ;)

Claire will reach over and grab Connor's hand in the car. It melts my heart every time. <3

Visiting Daddy at work!

I took a picture of the kids eating their snack. Connor's face kills me in this picture. 

And his face in this one is pretty good too! :)

Claire Bear

Claire has loved having her picture taken lately. She always does a silly smile and an even sillier pose! 

She planted her own flowers in April. She loved watering them every day. 

Fun hairstyle. 

Claire asked me to take a picture of her nails. 

I had to explain to her that I couldn't see them. ;)


I have so many pictures of Connor in his high chair. Maybe it's because it's one of the only times I can get him to hold still?

Connor found one of Claire's chicken tenders. 

He was really pleased with himself. 

Visiting Daddy at work. 

Connor's OBSESSED with the lawn mower!

Another high chair picture. :)

If you can't find Connor, Check the oven or the dryer. 

Coloring Mickey Mouse.

Weekend in Logan

We stayed up in Logan one weekend for a friend's baby blessing. We visited a couple different friends, got aggie ice cream and went swimming a couple times. The only things I managed to take pictures of were the car and the hotel!

Connor and Dad

Claire got her own king-sized bed. 

She thought it was pretty awesome. :)

On the way home both kids fell asleep!

Sleeping selfie :)

We make a trip up to Logan at least once per year because we want the kids to love it as much as we do! Logan will always hold a special place in our hearts. <3


I went up to Park city with the girls from my family and a couple cousins. We ate food, made a craft, and did a lot of shopping. 

We had a great time!

Claire playing play doh with friends. 

Puppet show time!

Claire went to watch Lily's dance recital. It was right before her t-ball game, so she got to wear her uniform there too!

Sunday Best

Connor loves playing with Richie's tablet at church. He frequently takes selfies.

Before he started going to nursery, he would go into Priesthood with Daddy and crawl around with the other little boys.

Claire helped me make rolo cookies right after church.

Connor's First Dentist Appointment

Connor had his first dental appointment in April. We didn't take Claire until she was 2, but we figured Connor should go in because he already had 12 teeth! 

Connor let them look at his teeth and paint a little fluoride on, but that's all. Claire also did a great job. The dentist and hygenists raved about how cute both kids were. I definitely agree!


For Mother's Day, we gave my mom surprise pictures of the grandkids. Connor wasn't too fond of the idea. 

The rest of the kids did a great job of smiling! ;)