Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Truth Tuesday

It's been so long since I've done a Truth Tuesday! Here's a glimpse of our life lately:

  • Claire washed her hands after going potty. Richie tried to start brushing her teeth because he thought she was done. Claire holds up one hand and says, "Dad. I need to concentrate on washing my hands."
  • Claire: "Dad, are you the age of the sun?"
  • I played ping pong against Richie's 83 year old grandma on Sunday. I lost.
  • This morning for breakfast Connor had a temper tantrum. And for lunch he licked some salsa off of an apple slice.
  • Conversation with Claire:
    • Me: "Claire, I love you. Do you love me?"
    • Claire: "Yeah, I want to bust your face to pieces."
    • Me: *Speechless*
  • We took a family trip to Lowe's. After we finished shopping, I took the kids to the car to start buckling them in while Richie paid for our things. As we're crossing the street to our car, Claire asks, "Mom, where's Dad?" I jokingly replied, "Those who fall behind get left behind." Claire collapsed to the ground, sobbing. Once I got her to stand up and keep walking, she started lecturing me, "That was terrible! You can't say that ever again!"
  • Today I had to use the phrase: "Don't eat the napkin this time."
  • Today I tried to go to the bathroom with the door shut. Claire ran over, opened the door and said, "Mom, Dad's not home so you don't need to shut the door." I guess it was unreasonable to think I should have privacy when Richie's not here. ;)
  • Claire: "Mom, I want to watch Star Wars. Lily and Stitch is too scary."
  • Today Connor asked to sit on Richie's lap. He alternated between kissing him and snuggling his head against his chest. Just when I was getting concerned that Connor was feeling sick (he's not snuggly at all, so it was abnormal behavior), Connor pointed at sour candies on Richie's desk and said, "tweet!" (treat) He's smart already. ;)
  • We were at Texas Roadhouse last week and Claire sat down at the table first. She grabbed a place setting, unrolled the napkin, handed me the knife and said, "Mom, I'm not supposed to have this."
  • Claire: "Mom, when am I going to die? I'm still waiting to get resurrected."
Happy Tuesday everybody!

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