Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Rest of February

We did a face swap of Richie and Connor and it was terrifying!

Good thing he looks like this normally! The 5 o'clock shadow doesn't suit him. :)

We had a superbowl party and the kids all made these hats. 

Richie bought himself an AR-15. He's a smart man, so when he came home with the gun, he also came home with a Baskin Robbins milkshake.

Richie and I painted these for the kids on a date. Aren't they cute?

Post-date selfie.

We found Claire sleeping like this. It looks so uncomfortable!

Claire can write her name as long as she has an example to look at. She's getting so big!

Connor loves digging through my pots and pans cupboard. Maybe he'll like cooking one day! ;)

Connor doesn't like when I try to feed himself. He's pretty independent!

Richie and I did a date night where we watched a movie in the basement, but he ran and got "real" popcorn and a "real" milkshake for us. So funny!

Richie got these cuts from when he went shooting. 

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