Friday, June 10, 2016

The Rest of December

Here's the rest of our pictures from December. Apparently I take lots of pictures of Connor while he's eating. Probably because it's one of the only times he'll hold still! He's such a busy boy!

One of Connor's favorite things to do while I'm cooking is to push our bar stools around. He's pretty strong! He'll even push the chairs around when Claire's on them. And when she screams he thinks it's hilarious! :)

These two actually play together really well. They love playing with their tunnels. We love activities that are good for babies and little girls!

Claire put some eye shadow on (with permission). Now she asks to put on makeup all the time!

The kids both love going to the aquarium. Connor LOVES animals! Claire knows where everything is at in the aquarium so she just runs from exhibit to exhibit and me and Connor chase her around. 

The kids also both like the play ground on the top level of the aquarium. 

Richie got an AT-AT for Christmas and Claire LOVED helping him put it together. She didn't think it had enough action figures that came with it, so she added a couple princesses. 

A man in our ward had broken his leg and had to ride around one of those scooters. Connor thought it was a fun toy! He always crawled over to the scooter and tried to roll it away. Luckily the man was a good sport and was okay with Connor playing with it. 

Richie let Claire paint his toe nails. 

We had friends over for breakfast one day. Connor and Baby Emma hit it off really well! :)

We took the kids to Thanksgiving point. Normally I go there during the day while Richie's at work, so it was fun that Daddy was able to join us! 

Richie photoshopped Claire into a Star Wars movie. She thought it was the coolest thing!

We went to a Jazz game with my family. It was fun to have a date night with Richie!

Claire loves wearing Daddy's sunglasses. We've had to buy her a couple pairs of sunglasses since I took this picture. She loves having all the different colors and she wears them everywhere she goes!

Claire making more ornaments. 

Yogurt mustache!

Snuggling with Daddy!

We had a potluck with the Gwilliam side one night. The cousins loved playing together!

Connor is the cutest. And he's a total flirt. 

Claire always has a snack with her bedtime stories. One night she begged that she could have some of Papa's dinner with it. (He makes the best smoked brisket and we had some leftovers in the fridge.)

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