Friday, June 10, 2016

Sick. Again.

This past winter has been our sickest yet! We've caught a new bug every couple weeks it seems. The beginning of December was especially rough because Claire and Richie (and kind of Connor) caught hand, foot and mouth. 

Claire was a mama's girl while she was sick. I slept like this for almost an hour haha. 

Claire spent a lot of time watching the tablet and sleeping. She got sick of laying on her bed so we had to start getting creative. 

Claire LOVES the snow, but she didn't have enough energy to go outside and play with it. So we brought it inside!

Every time she played with the snow, it got a little more elaborate. She played with play doh in the snow, or with toys in the snow. 

Pretty soon she needed bigger piles of snow!

She even had a Star Wars snow party. 

We snapped some pictures of all the weird spots from the virus. 

Here's to hoping we are healthier the rest of this year!

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