Friday, June 10, 2016

Princess Academy

My parents got the granddaughters a day at the Princess Academy as a Christmas present. This place was every little girl's dream. They had every crafting item imaginable, a full kitchen, and a table of sewing machines. 

The girls started off with decorating their own bag to take all their stuff home in. 

Then they made chocolate cupcakes. 

They all took turns pouring in ingredients. 

And they each got to crack an egg. This was Claire's favorite part. Ever since then, she's asked me to let her crack eggs. she's gotten pretty good at it!

The girls all scooped the batter into the paper cups. The pan was a mess, but the girls loved it!

Each girls got to paint a pet. 

And then they made a puppet doll and some clothes. 

After the cupcakes finished baking the girls made some frosting. 

Claire was so pleased with making it all by herself!

And she obviously liked getting to eat a cupcake!

The girls had a blast. Thanks Nana and Papa!

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