Thursday, June 16, 2016

Landon and Susie's Wedding

Landon and Susie got married in February. Richie and Tyler took pictures of the wedding dinner, so we have a ton of pictures of their wedding. Which is a good thing because their wedding was beautiful!

The happy couple.

Claire and Mommy

Connor and Mommy

Connor hung out with Papa a lot that day. 

Hailey, Danielle, Lauren and Lindsey.

Waiting outside the temple.

Claire's dress ripped while we were at the temple! Luckily we were spending a couple hours in the afternoon with Nicki (who lives by the temple) and she tracked down a sewing machine for us. Richie fixed Claire's dress and it was as good as new!

When we went to Nicki's house, Claire wanted to spent the whole time talking with Nicki. They layed on Nicki's bed and talked about princesses. Nicki is such a fun aunt!

It was a great wedding day!

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