Thursday, June 16, 2016

Field Trips

We love going on field trips as a family or with friends! 

For a while, Claire was asking to go to the Dinosaur museum every single day. This picture was taken during that phase. They'd do story time every Tuesday and Claire loved it!

Dinosaur Museum--again. 

We went ice skating as a family for my birthday. The kids looked cute in their helmets!

I helped Claire push along her walked for a while...

But then she was "tired" and needed to be pushed on the stroller. 

A new place that we've started going is Scheels. They have the ferris wheel, miniature bowling, and a little place to kick soccer balls. 

We also like going to the farm at Thanksgiving point. This time we went with Claire's friends and they all loved throwing food to the ducks and geese. 

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