Monday, December 14, 2015

The Uintas

We went to the Uintas with Richie's family back in August. We made stops at a couple of different fun places. The first was Fairy Land!

We made a Mickey themed "fairy land" to leave. 

Claire liked looking at all the different things that people had created, but her favorite part was running around with her cousin, Will. 

Papa snuggled with Connor on our "hike."

It was hard getting Claire to hold still for a picture haha

Then we made a quick stop at Provo Falls. Richie rocked Connor's car seat so he could nap. 

Claire loved playing in the river. She's always been our little fishy!

Then we headed to Trial Lake. We told Claire it was Star Lake (Mickey Mouse reference). Nana and Papa brought a raft to play with. Claire pretended that she was Ariel, Daddy was Prince Eric and I was Sebastian. She made me sing "Kiss the Girl" at the top of my lungs. She loves playing pretend. 

Claire loved splashing in the water...

...and climbing on the rocks with Dad. She called this "going on a hike."

Uncle Richie took Claire and Will out for more boat rides. 

It was such a fun day with the Preece family! :)

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