Monday, December 21, 2015

Sick Kiddos and Thanksgiving

My little family has been sick on and off for over a month now! It seems like we're sick one week, and healthy the next. 

Claire hasn't minded much because she's gotten to watch tv and play games with Dad. 

Connor has had a record number of baths the past month!

This was Claire's set up in her room one night. She was throwing frequently but she was so exhausted that she wanted to lay down. We compromised by covering her mini chair in blankets, sticking a trash can in front of her, and letting her watch the tablet. 

Claire was too sick to play in the snow, so we brought some snow inside for her to play with. All she did was stick her finger in it and then she fell asleep. :(

Claire would occasionally switch couches. 

Connor got the flu twice. The poor little boy was exhausted. 

He slept for a couple days after his sicknesses. 

It breaks my heart to see him sick, but I love snuggling with him. 

We had tickets to go to Disney on Ice, but I didn't want to risk taking Connor, so I gave my ticket to Becky. Claire was so excited to be with Nana!

Claire wore sweat pants to keep her legs (and cast) warm, a Belle dress and an Elsa jacket. 

That evening, Richie caught the flu too. He felt miserable! :(

Connor threw up on Tuesday and Thanksgiving was on Thursday. We were worried about getting people sick, so we decided to do our own Thanksgiving. We were sad to miss out on seeing the Preece family, but it was fun to learn how to cook our own turkey!

We kept our dinner simple: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, green beans, rolls and pumpkin pie. There's so many fun side dishes you can make for Thanksgiving, but we decided to play it safe for our first year cooking everything by ourselves!

Connor was excited for dinner!

Hopefully we'll be healthy next year! :)

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