Monday, December 21, 2015

Playing With Friends

One of the best parts about being a stay at home mom is getting to play while Daddy is away at work. Every week we do a play date with two of Claire's friends. 

Last week they decorated gingerbread men. 

Claire was very concentrated. 

They're such cute girls. :)

Quite a while ago, they went out to our apple tree and all asked to pick apples. The apples weren't ready to be picked, but we let the girls do it anyway haha. They washed off their apples...

...and then all took a bite. They all threw away their apples because they weren't very good haha. 

The girls decided they'd rather eat oreos, and they watched Cinderella for a while. 

Nana and Papa were helping Claire and Connor play fetch with Copper (the dog). I asked if we could take a picture of them and Copper posed for the picture. Ha!

Claire and Lily playing "dress up and picnic" together. 

Claire went to the aquarium with her friends. 

They loved looking at the giant fish in the South America exhibit. 

They really didn't want to turn around for a picture. 

We went to Thanksgiving Point with cousins. The kids rode the horses and loved it. 

Claire is getting braver and braver every time we go to the farm. This time she held still when she fed the animals!

Richie was working from home during a play date with cousins one day. Gavin and Griffin disappeared from the basement for a while. When I went to go find them, they were up watching Richie play Minecraft. All three boys thought it was pretty fun. 

We went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity and this is the only picture I have. (I didn't even take it. haha!)

We love playing with friends!

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