Monday, December 21, 2015

Miscellaneous Pictures

Richie took some photos of the blood moon we had a while ago. 

Richie went to my brother's work and took a tour of the Concentrator (at the copper mine). He brought home a hard hat for Claire. I thought it was really sweet until he stuck ear plugs up her nose!

We received very specific instructions for how Claire's makeup should be for her dance recital, so I decided to do a practice run. 

Claire loved getting makeup on!

We had a small tree up in Logan when we lived in a small apartment, so we told Claire that it could be the "kid tree." She got to be the one to decorate it. 

The tree has ornaments bunched in clusters and the beads are randomly thrown on there. But I loved her concentration and thoughtfulness while she was putting it together, and I love her look of pride when she tells guests about her tree that she got to decorate. 

We went to festival of trees with some friends at the beginning of December. Claire loves Christmas trees right now, so I thought that would be her favorite part. But her favorite part was watching the dancers on stage at either end of the convention center. 

Claire and her friend ran around together at the festival and ran around at breakfast. I wish I had that kind of energy!

Connor and Mom getting ready to go to Susie's bridal shower together. 

I've spent 3 years matching me and Claire's outfits. Now it's Richie and Connor's turn. 

I redecorated Claire and Connor's bathroom. 

Richie designed the art in the red picture frames. He's so crafty! :)

Claire was a little disappointed that Minnie was wearing red instead of pink, but I think the bathroom has grown on her. :)

Richie has been so excited for Star Wars to come out! We found this cute potato head set online. Claire loves playing "Star Wars characters" with Daddy. 

One of Claire's favorite toys is play doh. She's started designing dresses out of play doh and it's so cute! She even rolls out little snakes and makes "straps" (sleeves) for the dresses. Notice Cinderella's purse. 

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