Monday, December 14, 2015

Fishing with Dad

One morning I was reading Claire a book about Goofy going fishing. She said, "Mom I think that I should go fishing!" Knowing that Richie loves fishing, I sent him a text at work explaining what Claire had said. Less than an hour later, Richie was home and packing up his fishing gear. He was SO excited that Claire was interested in one of his favorite hobbies. :)

Luckily there's a stocked pond a couple minutes away from our house. 

They only fished for about 30 minutes and caught five fish! They were all small, but Claire didn't mind. 

Richie helped Claire to reel in the fish. She thought it was awesome! At least until the fish was wiggling around on the hook, and then she was scared! haha

Once Daddy was holding the fish still, Claire would pet the fish, and then they'd let it go!

Connor hung out with me on a blanket behind them. 

It was such a pretty day, so I took some picture of the kids. 

Neither of them would smile at the camera--it cracked us up! I love these pictures because you can definitely tell that these two are siblings. 

They are making the same facial expression in all these photos!

Connor was happy to smile once Claire was standing behind the camera. :) This boy sure loves his sister!

It was a fun afternoon fishing!

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