Monday, December 21, 2015

Family Time

What's black and white and cute all over?

I kicked Richie's butt in Yahtzee. Woo hoO!

Go big or go home. 

Nana and Connor accidentally matched one day. Aren't they so cute together? :)

Claire and Uncle Mike at his wedding. 

Uncle Mike and Aunt Maddie's wedding. 

Daddy and Connor at the wedding. Connor was sooo tired!

Richie colors my hair for me. Hair coloring is one of his many talents. :)

Connor loves computers. Here he is working next to Daddy. 

Snuggling in bed with Daddy. 

Working with Daddy again. Connor also loves computer cords. 

Visiting Daddy at work. 

Sunday best!

This cute family of mine makes me so happy! :)

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