Monday, December 21, 2015


Connor took his first selfie the other day. Richie let him hold the phone with the front-facing camera on it, and he accidentally took a picture!

This is my new favorite picture. He looks SO mischievous! haha

When Connor is teething (which is frequently. He got his first 8 teeth by 8 months old), he doesn't want to be set down. So I just have to wear him around the house so I can still take care of both kiddos. 

He's so handsome. And his hair is getting so long!

My cousin, Danielle, made him this cute hat. He gets compliments on it where ever we go. 

Connor wore these antlers for almost an hour. He had no idea I put them on him! haha

Gangsta Connor. 

He thought that riding his big sister's horse was the coolest thing ever. If he could talk, I imagine he'd say, "And we're off!"

We put some Ariel hair on him. He wasn't too impressed. 

Connor loves playing on Mom and Dad's bed!

We used to love sitting out on the front lawn. Now it's too cold. :(

This was right before one of his haircuts. He's had 4 haircuts at this point and he's due for another one. 

For a while, one of Connor's favorite activities was playing with the red cups. He'd fumble with them until he got one in each hand. 

And then he'd start chewing on one. Then he'd get frustrated that he dropped one of them. And then he'd start the whole process over again. 

Claire put my bra on Connor. We both thought it was pretty funny. Connor thought it was pretty funny that Mom and big sister were laughing so hard at him. :)

We love our sweet little boy!

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