Monday, December 21, 2015

Claire Bear

Claire grabbed her pretend camera and shouted, "Mom, say cheeeeeese!" You learn a lot about yourself when your kid starts impersonating you. Apparently I squat like that anytime I take a picture. :)

I love listening to Claire "read" books. She has all her favorite books memorized. I'm hoping she'll end up a book worm like her Mommy. :)

Claire got to try out some Ariel hair before her Ariel Birthday party. 

This photo was taken before church on her birthday. I can't believe that she's three!

For weeks before her birthday, we brainwashed Claire and told her that once she was three she'd like salad. When we asked what she wanted for her Birthday dinner, she said lasagna and salad. It took a little convincing, but she finally ate the salad! And now she goes around telling people, "I'm three. So I like salad."

Claire's cool enough to wear sunglasses indoors. 

Claire flying a kite.

Claire built this little city by herself. "Look mom! Three houses. And a tower."

Claire got really into pumpkins in November. She had eight pumpkins on our porch that she painted. And every couple days we'd have to bring them inside to add another layer of paint. This particular pumpkin was more special than the others and got to sleep in her room. She tucked it into bed every night. 

Claire wearing Daddy's shoes. 

Claire put my bra on her head and then walked around calling it a hat. 

This is from dress shopping for Uncle Mike and Aunt Maddie's wedding. Doesn't she look so cute? :)

One night Claire helped us make brownies...
...And pizza for dinner. 

She was so proud of herself and kept reminding us that she made us the pizza. :) She frequently helps me cook, but for some reason this dinner was extra special to her.

We had a giant box of goldfish hiding and waiting for Claire's Little Mermaid birthday party. She found it one day and brought it to me saying, "What is this? What is it Mom? What's this?"

Eating gelato with Nana and Papa

Claire walks around and stands on her toes. Like mother, like daughter. 

This was after Claire got her cast on. She couldn't run around, so we spent a lot of time in the sand box with a blanket on her leg to keep the sand out. 

We got Claire a new picture frame for her room. I told her that she got to pick what the picture inside of it was. I told her she could pick a picture of her, a picture of Jesus, a picture of Mom and Dad, or anything else that she might like. "Mama, could I have a picture of me and Pinky Pie?"

So Richie took a photo of Claire riding a real horse and replaced it with Pinky Pie. Claire thought it was the coolest thing!

Every day when I do Claire's hair, she watches DCTC. They're a youtube channel that does toy reviews, play doh creations, chocolate surprise eggs, crafts, etc.  She is sooo obsessed with them. Once Claire broke her leg, I realized I needed to do lots of sit down activities, one of them bring homemade chocolate surprise eggs. That's what this picture is. Claire chose to fill them with pom poms, beads and gems. 

We sure love our little girl!

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