Monday, December 14, 2015

Broken Leg

As most of you know, Claire broke her leg back in October. 

It started off with a fun night at Cornbellies. Claire played on the slides..

...rode an airplane...

...and the carriage...

...and rode a horse.

Then we went over to the Air Jumper. Claire was jumping straight up and down, landed wrong on her leg, and had a proximal tibia buckle fracture. Claire immediately fell to her knees. I ran over to see what was wrong and she started crying. 

On the way home, she fell asleep. I was convinced that she had sprained her knee and we needed to rush to the doctor, but Richie thought she was fine (she had stopped crying at that point and was sleeping in the car). The next day, she was refusing to move her leg, so I scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician. They didn't have any openings until that afternoon, so she spent the day hanging out on the couch. As the day went on, she got braver and braver and started bending her leg and saying it didn't hurt anymore. We contemplated canceling the appointment, but Richie's brother was getting married the next day, so we figured we might as well go before then. They x-rayed her leg at the doctor and told me it was broken. I was shocked! That wasn't something I had even considered! I was convinced that the doctor would tell us that she twisted her leg and then I would apologize for over-reacting and rushing her to the doctor haha. But they splinted her leg at the doctor and she wore that for one week. We took her straight to the toy store to buy a couple new lego sets.

Then they sent us to Primary Children's to have it cast. She chose a pink cast (big surprise!)

At first, Claire was scared to walk on her leg and had me carry her around everywhere (She wasn't allowed to walk with the splint, so I had been carrying her around for a week at this point). Slowly she limped, then walked, then started running around!

Claire thought her sticker was pretty cool.

Claire wore her pink cast for 5 weeks. It took her a couple days to bend her leg and walk on it again, but she's mostly back to normal now! Claire LOVES the doctor now. When she first got a splint on, she said that it made her leg feel SO much better. So now anytime she hurts something, she asks to go to the doctor because she knows  that the doctor makes everything feel better. 

Hooray for no cast! (And no sweat pants and stretched out tights and the same tennis shoes every day for six weeks!) Hopefully it's a long time until we have to see a cast again!

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