Friday, October 30, 2015

Lake Powell: On the Beach

The majority of our time was probably spent on the beach. Especially since that's all Claire wanted to do the whole time we were there. 

We found a little beach that was sandy and the perfect size for a group our size.  

The girls loved playing with the sand toys on the beach.

Jim and Ty helped the kids play on the tube on the beach so they'd feel more comfortable to be dragged behind the boat in it.

The four granddaughters.

Claire and Brynn playing in the sand. They spent a good amount of time "making chocolate milk." They'd use a seashell to dig up some sand, and then mix it with water. I love when these kiddos make up their own games. 

We let Connor play in the water and sand for a white. He loved it!  Before:


The rest of the time Connor was either napping in his car seat or sitting on a towel with a couple toys. He is the sweetest, most content baby!

He's so so handsome. :)

We did lots of "hikes." Which was pretty much just us climbing to the top of all the red rocks and looking at the lake. The kids loved it. Kathie and Brynn:

Jim, Gavin and Griffin. 

Jim, Griffin, Claire, Me, Gavin and Susie. 

Gavin, Jim, Griffin, Brynn and Kathie. 

Claire and I went on lots of hikes with just the two of us.

She loved looking for seashells.

Brynn on the beach.

Tyler played with the girls in the water. They love him. All of them wanted to be carried at the same time haha. 

When we'd get to the beach, I'd put sunscreen on Claire and then she'd want to immediately jump in the water. This day I was smart and gave her a candy necklace right after I put on her sunscreen. She sat there biting at her necklace for ten minutes, which was plenty of time for her sunscreen to dry! :)

Claire loved playing "fetch" in the water. I'd throw an empty water bottle in the lake, and she'd go retrieve it. We probably played this for a couple hours. 

This is the only photo of the 4 of us that I managed to get. Claire wasn't too happy that I made her stop digging in the sand for a picture. :)

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