Friday, October 30, 2015

Lake Powell: Cliff Jumping

It's family tradition to do cliff jumping while we're in Lake Powell. I've always been terrified of heights, so growing up I'd normally only go watch. But this year I had a daughter watching, so I had to be brave for little Claire. :)

We all posed before we started jumping. 

All the grandkids (except Connor, of course) took turns "jumping off a cliff." Uncle Landon held their hands, helped them jump, and then Tyler caught them so their faces didn't go under the water. They thought they were pretty awesome when they did it! :) 

Here's Claire getting ready to go...


...and in the water! She was so proud of herself. 

Gavin took a turn. 

And Kate.

Griffin jumped too and went a couple times. He was the only kid to jump in the water without being caught!

Lily took a turn. 

And then Brynn!

Then it was the adults turns. I made Kathie go with me so I wouldn't be scared. :)

I went once, Claire thought I was pretty cool, and then I just swam in the water with Claire for the rest of the time. The other adults kept jumping for a while. Maybe next year Claire will be brave enough to jump all on her own! :)

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