Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lake Powell: Behind the Boat

We went to Lake Powell with my family last month. I had to sift through 2000 pictures to figure out which ones to use! I have all the pictures divided up into a couple different posts, but I'm most excited for this post, so I'm doing it first! :)

Water skiing is a very fond childhood memory. I always loved watching my brothers glide across the water, and then when I was big enough, I learned to do it myself. 

Jim is always fun to watch. 

This trip, my Dad water skiied, which is something I had never seen before (that I remember). 

He popped right out of the water on the first try! 

We rode past the beach so that he could wave at all the kiddos playing there. Good job Daddy!

Landon is a great water skiier!

Amy has learned to water ski since she's joined our family. 

Susie learned how to water ski this trip. She fits right in!

Tyler water skiied too!

This year, my Dad bought a wake board. Richie was a great teacher and helped me learn how to do it. This was a whole different ball game for someone who's only water skiied before!

Wake boarding starts off very similarly to slalom skiing. You really have to dig your heels in, hold a squat position, keep your arms straight, and then be patient until the boat's up to speed. 

Once you're on top of the water, you can switch your weight to your "back foot." This is the part that I had trouble with! I was so used to keeping my heels digged in, that I kept wanting to turn my board back sideways haha. 

I had to really concentrate on my form to stay sideways in the water. Hopefully over time it starts becoming second nature just like water skiing. 

Thanks for teaching me, Richie! And thanks to my Daddy for getting the wake board, of course!

Richie was so fun to watch wake board. 

He got up his first try, which is awesome because he hadn't wake boarded in about ten years. 

I was able to get some cool pictures of him mid-jump. 

Isn't he the cutest?

Jim also already knew how to wake board. I didn't get to see him, so I just stole this picture from Ty's camera haha. 

Susie also learned how to wake board on this trip. She got up her first try and went for such a long time. She was a natural!

Another family favorite is the knee board. Ty is the best knee boarder in the family. He'll do jumps and 360's. It's always fun to watch!

The grandkids are old enough now that some of them can join in on the fun! Here's Gavin on the knee board. 

Brynn was so brave and took a turn too!

Lily took a turn with her Daddy helping her. 

Kate was the youngest kid to try knee boarding! She's even younger than Claire. 

Kathie knee boarding...
...and Amy knee boarding. I didn't get to see either of them go because I was on the beach with Claire. 

One afternoon we pulled out the tube. Gavin and Griffin took a turn. 

Tyler, Amy, Lily and Kate taking a turn on the tube. 

Congrats if you made it all the way through this long post! Next up: more pictures from the trip! And I'll likely have lots of pictures of Claire and Connor. :)

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Love this post! You are a rock star.