Friday, October 30, 2015

Lake Powell: At the Cabin

After our long days of boating, we'd go eat, play games, and talk at the cabin. The Saturday we were there was National Talk Like a Pirate Day, so we had a scavenger hunt. The kids dressed up in their pirate gear...

...followed all the different clues....

...and then found the hidden treasure! Claire loved the treasure hunt. 

This picture was taken right when we first got to the cabin. The girls all walked in and, on their own, started playing ring around the rosie. Aren't they the cutest?

The stars are incredible in Bullfrog (where we stayed). Richie and Tyler did some night photography one night (photo credit: Tyler). The next night, after kids went to bed, my Mom and Dad stayed with the kids while Richie and I went to the local restaurant and got dessert. Then we camped out on the red rocks for a while and watched the stars. It was fun to sit and talk with just the two of us (that's a rare event when you're traveling with kids haha) and look at the beautiful view. 

We took a couple group shots as long as we had all of us together. 

And of course Nana and Papa needed a shot with all their babies. We were all wearing GAP shirts. GAP was supposed to stand for Gwilliams At Powell. We joked that it should have been Gwilliams And Preeces. 

We had such a fun time with everyone. Thanks for planning a great trip Nana and Papa!

Lake Powell: Cliff Jumping

It's family tradition to do cliff jumping while we're in Lake Powell. I've always been terrified of heights, so growing up I'd normally only go watch. But this year I had a daughter watching, so I had to be brave for little Claire. :)

We all posed before we started jumping. 

All the grandkids (except Connor, of course) took turns "jumping off a cliff." Uncle Landon held their hands, helped them jump, and then Tyler caught them so their faces didn't go under the water. They thought they were pretty awesome when they did it! :) 

Here's Claire getting ready to go...


...and in the water! She was so proud of herself. 

Gavin took a turn. 

And Kate.

Griffin jumped too and went a couple times. He was the only kid to jump in the water without being caught!

Lily took a turn. 

And then Brynn!

Then it was the adults turns. I made Kathie go with me so I wouldn't be scared. :)

I went once, Claire thought I was pretty cool, and then I just swam in the water with Claire for the rest of the time. The other adults kept jumping for a while. Maybe next year Claire will be brave enough to jump all on her own! :)

Lake Powell: On the Beach

The majority of our time was probably spent on the beach. Especially since that's all Claire wanted to do the whole time we were there. 

We found a little beach that was sandy and the perfect size for a group our size.  

The girls loved playing with the sand toys on the beach.

Jim and Ty helped the kids play on the tube on the beach so they'd feel more comfortable to be dragged behind the boat in it.

The four granddaughters.

Claire and Brynn playing in the sand. They spent a good amount of time "making chocolate milk." They'd use a seashell to dig up some sand, and then mix it with water. I love when these kiddos make up their own games. 

We let Connor play in the water and sand for a white. He loved it!  Before:


The rest of the time Connor was either napping in his car seat or sitting on a towel with a couple toys. He is the sweetest, most content baby!

He's so so handsome. :)

We did lots of "hikes." Which was pretty much just us climbing to the top of all the red rocks and looking at the lake. The kids loved it. Kathie and Brynn:

Jim, Gavin and Griffin. 

Jim, Griffin, Claire, Me, Gavin and Susie. 

Gavin, Jim, Griffin, Brynn and Kathie. 

Claire and I went on lots of hikes with just the two of us.

She loved looking for seashells.

Brynn on the beach.

Tyler played with the girls in the water. They love him. All of them wanted to be carried at the same time haha. 

When we'd get to the beach, I'd put sunscreen on Claire and then she'd want to immediately jump in the water. This day I was smart and gave her a candy necklace right after I put on her sunscreen. She sat there biting at her necklace for ten minutes, which was plenty of time for her sunscreen to dry! :)

Claire loved playing "fetch" in the water. I'd throw an empty water bottle in the lake, and she'd go retrieve it. We probably played this for a couple hours. 

This is the only photo of the 4 of us that I managed to get. Claire wasn't too happy that I made her stop digging in the sand for a picture. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lake Powell: On the Boat

A lot of time was spent hanging out on the boat! I especially loved this trip because it was so fun to see Claire do all the same things I did when I was a little girl. For example, sleeping on the boat! There's something about the rocking of the boat and the engine making white noise that puts kids right to sleep. 

Kate also couldn't help but fall asleep. 

Brynn took a little snooze on Kathie too. 

Tyler taking on four kids at once: Kate, Griffin, Lily and Gavin. 

Brynn hanging out. 

Griffin helped Papa drive the boat. 

Lily took a turn too!

And then Brynn had a turn driving.





Richie and Me. I think this might be the only picture we have of just the two of us from this trip. :)