Monday, September 14, 2015

Claire's 3rd Birthday: Decorations and Food

I have a couple of blog posts about Claire's Birthday party. I narrowed down the pictures by a lot, but still ended up with sixty pictures to post! ha! This first post is only pictures of food and decorations, so if you want pictures of Little Miss Claire, skip ahead to the next post! :)

I stayed up super late the night before her party so I could have everything ready before Claire even woke up. I should have recorded Claire when she walked out of her bedroom. She ran from wall to wall, looking at the decorations, yelling, "I LOVE IT!" It was so fun to watch!

(Photo credit goes to my mom. I didn't take any pictures of the decorations--oops!)

We had a dessert bar with different cookies, candies and cake.

"Ocean Wave Cookies"


"Sand dollars"

Claire's Cake

My mother-in-law made these awesome cookies. They were so cute and delicious. 

"Ocean Water"

This picture is kind of washed out, but there's fish nets holding up all the balloons. We ended up having to pull some of the balloons down because the Birthday girl wanted a balloon with a face drawn on it. :)

The favors

"It was great to SEA you, Love, Claire"

"Sunken Treasure" We had a couple different types of suckers, candy necklaces, fish ring pops, and gold coins. Hardly anybody took candy so now I have TONS of candy at my house haha. 

Here's a full shot of our food table. 

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